Theories of communication as seen in my big fat greek wedding

Communication, Theory, and Film

If a system is to be functional it needs to be exposed to a certain amount of change in order to survive. Which is where her journey to the altar begins.

Not that her decision is right or wrong it just differs from the choice that her father would make. Conflict was displayed in two specific scenes of the movie. As they interact with one another, instead of there only being two individuals, a third dimension is created, which is their relationship.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Slowly getting to know him, and accepting him. Conflict is needed and can help growth of relationships. Luckily fate gave them a second chance to express verbal communication resulting in marriage - which i guess means they decreased their uncertainty. In general the movie was great, I really enjoyed the way they intertwined a comedy with real social and cultural issues.

Without feedback, systems usually do not operate well and often stop working Becvar et al. Near the beginning of the movie, Toula is wishing for a different life. Stewart believes that humans live in worlds of meaning, and communication is the process of collaboratively making these meanings. As a comedy many of the details are exaggerated for sensationalism, but the themes are real-life issues that many cultures face.

She begins by dating him secretly, while lying to her family and telling her family she is taking a pottery class, in fear that they will find out she is dating a non-Greek man. The next step however is to make connections, find similarities by sharing information, and using verbal output.

Using such guidelines such as clarifying goals or using constructive criticism might have prevented the argument to begin with.

She is implying that she lives within a closed family system, which tries to minimize influences from anything non Greek, as far as the immediate family is concerned.

Theories of Communication as Seen in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Throughout the rest of the paper, I will be going into a bit more detail about exactly what these concepts are and mean, following that I will be giving examples from the movie that demonstrate the concepts of conflict and politeness theory. Goals and Purposes The primary goal of a system is to assure its survival Becvar et al.

After learning about these guidelines, it is easier to notice and pay attention to arguments more, and point out when some of these guidelines should be used. Toula reveals her ethical standards and commitments by choosing to marry a man that is outside of her culture even though it is against her upbringing.Jun 21,  · Watch video · My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a very simple, funny romance story that would probably be most appreciated by female audiences.

Nia Vardalos (the film's writer and star) is Toula Portokalos, a quiet young woman from a zany Greek family. I would say it was probably the best movie I saw inand one that I have seen many times since just /10(K). Read this free Psychology Essay and other term papers, research papers and book reports.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Rules: Rules are the established way a family or a system operates. These are usually not written but implied/5(1). Interpersonal Communication Styles Examined in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Words 7 Pages Throughout the semester, we have been introduced to many topics related to.

Transcript of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Falling in love Toula first meets Ian in her family's restaurant. She is incredibly awkward which he somehow finds endearing.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Transformation Filter and script theories. My Big Fat Greek Wedding Interpersonal Communication Principals 1.

Communication is personalized. 2. Communication is either symmetrical or complementary. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. the Greek family believes it has aspects that are uniquely valuable.

This is seen clearly when the protagonist’s father praises their Greek culture saying that almost all the words are derived from the Greek language (Miller, Vandome & McBrewster, ).

The assumption of finality in communication in the movie is.

Theories of communication as seen in my big fat greek wedding
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