The effects of experiencing community violence on children and adolescents

There is strong evidence that community violence is a predictor of aggressive behavior in youth e. A comparison of the effects of witnessing community violence and direct victimization among children in Cape Town, South Africa. Furter internationally-comparative research is also needed.

Of critical importance for prevention and intervention, future research can build on studies of resilience adaptation in the face of adversity to highlight individual and contextual factors that foster adjustment in violent settings although clearly a preferred solution would be to decrease levels of violence exposure.

First, among preschoolers, it may be especially useful to offer support to caregivers exposed to violence. For very young children, repeated exposure to community violence can contribute to problems forming positive and trusting relationships necessary for children to explore their environment and develop a secure sense of self.

Many do not feel they have a future and believe that they will not reach adulthood. For example, Farrell and Bruce found that exposure to violence was related to subsequent changes in the frequency of aggressive behavior among girls but not boys in a sample of sixth graders.

By the time of the adolescent assessment, four participants had died: Exposure to community violence as a victim or witness is associated with a number of emotional and behavioral problems including posttraumatic stress symptoms, internalizing symptoms, suicidal behavior, antisocial behavior, social withdrawal, substance use, and academic problems e.

Efforts to foster community and school buffering resources are promising as they may reach a broad range of students.

Social violence

In addition to the physical aftermath of traumatic injury, the psychological consequences can be serious. Springer, C, Padgett, D. More studies that examine buffering resources of violence exposure in longitudinal research designs and on multiple outcomes are needed.

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Indeed, most youth exposed to community violence do not experience negative outcomes. Children as victims of and witnesses to violence. Journal of Community Psychology, 29, In cases where parental reports and adolescent reports differed in their responses about whether domestic violence behaviors had occurred, the case was coded conservatively i.

Subscales of the internalizing and externalizing composite scales were scored and used in the reported analyses. The effects of violence exposure are particularly problematic for young children and have been shown to adversely impact brain development. Stronger community violence effects were found among adolescents than children.

The impact of community violence exposure is not felt by the youth alone. None of the gender interaction terms were statistically significant, indicating that the models should be estimated, and assumed to be comparable, for boys and girls together.

Also, the buffering effects of social and personal resources should be tested across multiple types of violence exposure. This measure assesses the degree to which adolescents are happy with themselves. Violence exposure varies by neighbourhood, family and individual factors.

However, to account for possible gender differences in levels of the predictors and outcomes, gender was added as a free-standing covariate in the analyses. Am J Public Health.

The youth in this sample ranged in age from Multiple victimization experiences of urban elementary school students: Symptoms expressed by children tend to look different from those expressed by adults. Infant Mental Health Journal, 16, Stronger community violence effects were found among adolescents than children.

family and community resilience each buffered the effects of a broad measure of violence exposure on the re-experiencing post-traumatic distress disorder symptom cluster. The Effects of Experiencing Community Violence on Children and Adolescents PAGES 2. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: post traumatic stress disorder, effects on children, community violence.

Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. A summary of the specific effects of community violence on children and adolescents and suggestions on how to cope. Community Violence: The Effects on Children and Teens.

The National Center for PTSD does not provide direct clinical care, individual referrals or benefits information. In community samples, more than two thirds of children report experiencing a traumatic event by age However, estimates of trauma exposure rates and subsequent psychological sequelae among children and youth have varied depending on the type of sample, type of.

This study examined interrelationships among community violence exposure, protective factors, and mental health in a sample of urban, predominantly African American adolescents (N = ).

Community Violence, Protective Factors, and Adolescent Mental Health: A Profile Analysis

The deleterious effects of community violence have been well An ecological-transactional analysis of children and contexts: The longitudinal interplay.

The Effects of Community Violence on Children and Adolescents Carole Goguen, Psy.D. The study of community violence includes examining both predatory violence (usually a stranger trying to take something of value using physical threats or direct violence) and violence arising from nonfamily interpersonal conflicts (this usually concerns.

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The effects of experiencing community violence on children and adolescents
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