The cultural affects of national geographic

The photograph of the congested street full of cars and traffic simply creates proof of the six million person population of the capital city of Thailand. The way in which the men are "checking out" the Thai woman while she is pausing to pay respects to her religion is extremely distasteful.

According the picture description, prostitution serves intercontinental clientele and somecitizens are HIV-positive and one-in three prostitutes may be infected with the virus.

This photograph shows a less-harmonized side of Thai life than the first yet still maintains the theme of religion seen in the lives of many Thai people. There are many things that come to mind when seeing this photo but one major thing is the way the men are staring at the woman.

A very generic thought about Bangkok is that it is one of the most congested cities in the world. The photo is very dark, causing the reader to focus on the subjects rather than the background. Culturally the photographs tell completely different stories but are tied into the same theme of showing Thai people to be religious and traditional.

The first thing that I noticed about the picture was that it is dominated by males. As for the mention of AIDS, I believe it was brought up within this photograph because the nonchalance of sexuality is shown here.

It is very doubtful that the men are considering HIV when hiring prostitutes while vacationing in Thailand. Personally I believe that this photograph was included in the collection to show the reader another side of Thai culture which is that of the government.

National Geographic magazine has always tried to create interest in third world countries through its photographic spreads and "draw people into contact with a much wider set of cultural ideas" Collins, Lutz 1 The first photograph found in this series is one of a Buddhist ceremony.

The city skyline looking modernized is something American city people can connect with and the photograph can also provide answers to questions about the developmental stages of the country. It shows a Thai woman pausing to respect a "spirit house" while being stared at by what looks like two American men.

Capturing a photograph of a cultural ceremony is very effective in educating an audience about a country. An omniscient, unbiased stance is being achieved by the photographer in this shot because there is no indication of good or bad throughout this photograph, it is simply the reflection of a ceremony in order to more appreciate Thai culture.

In my opinion National Geographic may have been trying to say something about the way tourists treat natives when visiting Thailand with this photograph. There are no females in this photograph and the ages of the males vary greatly showing a male dominance being present in the cultural hierarchy.

In contrast with city life, there is another photograph in the collection which portrays "a simpler life" The difference between the treatment of these soldiers who are so elegantly uniformed and the pictures of common citizens are very contrasting and show the social hierarchy which exists amongst the people.

In the next photograph the Royal Guards are shown riding in a truck that looks like a greenhouse.Thailand is a country enveloped in much mystery and cultural tradition. This fact is reflected very clearly in a series of pictures taken from the article, “The Many Faces of Thailand” in the February issue of the National Geographic magazine, titled, “Into the Heart of Glaciers” I will.

This collection contains a selection of content from NG Education about culture. Use search to find more. Watch video · Cultural Differences Watch as the Lost Boys experience for the first time what most American's take for granted and as they gain valuable insight on.

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Photograph by Stephen St.

The Cultural Affects of National Geographic

John, National Geographic Creative Book Talk Many of the divisions today between “red” and “blue” states correlate sharply with. Globalization results in the expansion of international cultural, economic, and political activities.

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Globalization is the connection of different parts of the world. globalization - National Geographic Society.

The cultural affects of national geographic
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