Television controlling the minds of the youth

It could be terrorism, molestation, extra terrestrials. Drugs This can be any addictive substance, but the mission of mind controllers is to be sure you are addicted to something. The sociologists and psychologists in areas of influence know this.

While a coalition of intellectuals and fundamentalists rave about the dangers of television, 92 million U.

Is television ruining our children's minds?

Modern mind control is both technological and psychological. If the symbol of lowbrow culture in one decade can become the icon of "quality television" in another, is it not time to nuke the medium back to at least the Print Age?

To the reptile brain, if it looks real, it is real. Political discourse is strictly in a left-right paradigm of easily controlled opposition, while religion is the backdrop of nearly every war throughout history. The most important solution to fighting this type of brainwashing and mind control is to start with ourselves and our own awakening in the smaller things.

Bush is pictured in numerous poises with a hallo around his head. A study of video games revealed that extended play can result in lower blood flow to the brain, sapping emotional control.

Hollywood producers get what they want - access to billions of dollars worth of military hardware and equipment - tanks, jet fighters, nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers - and the military gets what it wants - films that portray the military in a positive light; films that help the services in their recruiting efforts.

The latter, commonly referred to as the reptile brain, is associated with more primitive mental functions, such as the "fight or flight" response.

Predictive Programming Many still deny that predictive programming is real. The military mind is perhaps the most malleable, as those who pursue life in the military generally resonate to the structures of hierarchy, control, and the need for unchallenged obedience to a mission.

Furthermore, role-playing games of lifelike war and police state scenarios serve to desensitize a connection to reality. If the America people accept the fact that the crusades are here, that George Bush reports directly to god, and that revelations are here, then they have won the war for our minds.

Online free therapy is becoming a popular way to get help, without someone or something controlling your mind 7.

Electromagnetic spectrum An electromagnetic soup envelops us all, charged by modern devices of convenience which have been shown to have a direct impact on brain function. A lot of people deal with these intense realities, by asking me rhetorically, "What is the solution, smart guy?

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

Victor says that to have a TV and then try to control it would be setting up a "police state" in the house. Spectator sports prove the outlet internationally for what has been stripped away from us.

This odd reality transfers itself into the shady world of video games that are stepped in plots and tasks to kill as much as the player can. It also claimed that youthful TV addicts were more likely to smoke. Their task was to test the new interrogation techniques, and ensure that victims would not remember being interrogated and programmed.

Thus, though we know on a conscious level it is "only a film," on a conscious level we do not--the heart beats faster, for instance, while we watch a suspenseful scene. This is especially true at younger ages, when learning to talk and play with others is so important.

With the proper amount of entertainment and sensationalism, we may even be living our lives through the television set. Killing in the name of the mother government is praised, that is unless the violence is committed in self defense to protect someone from the system.

Although there are a growing number of people waking up the reality of our growing transparent soft cage, there seems to be just enough citizens who are choosing to remain asleep. Despite the widespread knowledge of MK Ultra and the civil lawsuits that followed, this form of behavior modification is not the most expansive.

One of the most common examples of mind control in our so-called free and civilized society is the advent and usage of the television set. Share via Email Should parents worry about what television is doing to their children?

Is television destroying our children's minds?

You may be condemned or criticized by your family, your friends, your lovers, or your co-workers. This technique is under estimated in its ability to allow the puppeteers to hypnotize millions of people.

Ten hours a day might be too much, but what about one hour of Teletubbies watched, in the traditional manner, with mother? Marilyn admits, however, not having an electronic baby sitter leaves her "more harried than other women I know.

No one has been more instrumental in exposing the agenda of modern education than Charlotte Iserbyt — one can begin research into this area by downloading a free PDF of her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americawhich lays bare the role of Globalist foundations in shaping a future intended to produce servile drones lorded over by a fully educated, aware elite class.

The content of the programmes and videos that children watch must be significant. Who would imagine that in the United States of America, both candidates of both parties in the election would be members of the Skull and Bones society at Yale University? Tests show that simply by exposing the methods of mind control, the effects can be reduced or eliminated, at least for mind control advertising and propaganda.

The central theme is the same throughout: Precisely how extensive illegal testing became will never be known. Hollywood will continue to frighten us with films on the mafia, gangsters, and the corrupt blue collar criminal whose stupidity and greed get them caught.Encouraged and inspired!

The Tonight Show conflict was a media and public relations conflict involving American television network NBC and two of its then-late-night talk show hosts The Virus turns people into itself or into entities subservient to itself The transformation is both mental and physical The converted will have PEACE PARTY: Two young heroes fight everything from.

Watching television is a waste of time and it is slowly corrupting the minds of our youth. It also encourages teen violence, sex, drugs, inappropriate language, and bullying. Unhealthy. 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control TOPICS: Media Military mind control Nicholas West.

Media; print, movies, television, and cable news can now work seamlessly to integrate an overall message which seems to have the ring of truth because it comes from so many sources, simultaneously. We say it's addictive, that it causes brain damage and that it's destroying our youth.

Yet 98 percent of us do a coalition of intellectuals and fundamentalists rave about the dangers of.

American youth live in an environment saturated with media. They enjoy increasing access to television, movies, music, games, websites, and advertising—often on pocket-size devices. Given the prominent and growing role that media plays in the lives of U.S.

children and adolescents, what effects do. After all, TV has changed since today's parents were children. It's bigger, brasher and on all the time. There used to be something called the "toddlers' truce" when TV went off air between six and seven o'clock so parents could put their children to bed; now kids' cable networks broadcast 24 hours a day.

Television controlling the minds of the youth
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