Story about honesty is the best policy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Honesty: By an unlucky chance, his iron axe slipped from his hand and was engulfed by the swirling torrents below. He does not bow his head before others. Somebody has missed it. He owned nothing except a donkey and an axe.

A dishonest man may have some advantage for the time being. He again inquired whether it was his axe. But he soon realizes his mistakes.

After seven days, they planned to return. The wood-cutter narrated briefly the whole incident and besought him to help him out of the plight. He tried to put his suitcase behind his back. It occurred to Stuti that Seema knew how to spell it!! It is fact that we all have lots of stories in our minds but few of us get to know their meaning.

A moral story on Honesty

Scalding tears rolled down his sunken cheeks and wetted his beard. Chintu and Banti boarded it. A dishonest man is a curse to society. Story Starts here, A woodcutter lived in a very simple village.

Honesty Is The Best Policy Story

So they become dishonest. They arrested him and sent him to jail. Although he was very poor yet he was honest to the extreme. We should not keep it with us.

Both enjoyed their stay at the hill station. He asked the woodcutter it was his axe. It is easy to memorize and easy to write in exams. The angel stops him from crying.Honesty is the best policy but do you know how to be honest in life? And, how is it useful to us?

Find out what Stuti learnt about honesty.

Short Essay on ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’

Honesty Is the Best Policy is an oft-quoted proverb. It means honesty is always better in life than dishonesty. In whatever field an honest man may be, he is rewarded.

This is the world of false show. Many times We show dishonesty to get temporary gains. We never realize that only honest work can give us satisfaction. It makes people trust you.

Video: Short Story on Honesty is the Best Policy for Kids In this short story, Nate and Jimmy think they're lucky when they find a dog.

Let's find out what happens when they decide to keep it. Honesty is The Best Policy Story in Picture (save image and read) This is the complete story about honesty of a poor woodcutter. This story is very easy to memorize as honesty is the best policy story for class 4 students.

' HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY' (Moral Story) Moral Story O nce upon a time there lived a king who had grown very king had three sons,now he was worried that which of his sons should be his was very difficult for him to choose the next king among his three sons because he loved them all.

A moral story on Honesty. Chintu and Banti were good friends. They had great confidence in each other. Banti was very honest boy. The Moral of the Story is “Honesty is the Best Policy”.

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Story about honesty is the best policy
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