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Aristotle, The Politics of Aristotle, trans. There have been many examples at Sparta of this evil in former times; and quite recently, in the matter of the Andrians, certain of the Ephors who were bribed did their best to ruin the state. They were the chief priests of the state, and performed certain sacrifices and also maintained communication with the Delphic sanctuary, which always exercised great authority in Spartan politics.

And here the legislator clearly indicates the same intention which appears in other parts of his constitution; he would have his citizens ambitious, and he has reckoned upon this quality in the election of the elders; for no one would ask to be elected if he were not.

Another theory suggests that the two royal houses represent respectively the Spartan conquerors and their Achaean predecessors: And nearly two-fifths of the whole country are held by women; this is owing to the number of heiresses and to the large dowries which are customary.

Dual Kingship[ edit ] The state was ruled by two hereditary kings of the Agiad and the Eurypontid families, both descendants of Heracles and equal in authority so that one could not act against the power and political enactments of his colleague, though the Agiad king received greater honour by virtue of seniority of his family for being the "oldest extant" Herod.

Many of the elders are well known to have taken bribes and to have been guilty of partiality in public affairs. If you would like to use the material of this site, please contact Helena Schrader. Last updated September, The old mythologer would seem to have been right in uniting Ares and Aphrodite, for all warlike races are prone to the love either of men or of women.

The election of Ephors out of the whole people is perfectly right, but ought not to be carried on in the present fashion, which is too childish. These laws gave an Assembly of all citizens the final say in all matters, making Sparta the first — but by no means the most radical — democracy.

And therefore they ought not to be irresponsible; yet at Sparta they are so. In addition to the Spartiates, the other two main constituents of Spartan society were the Helots slaves or, more precisely, serfs who were attached to and worked the land and the Perioikoi a class of free workers and tradespeople who were not considered full citizens of Sparta.

High state policy decisions were discussed by this council who could then propose action alternatives to the demos. At Sparta every one is eligible, and the body of the people, having a share in the highest office, want the constitution to be permanent.

IaHere also, however, the royal prerogatives were curtailed over time. For this reason the Spartans used to join enemies with them in the same embassy, and the quarrels between the kings were held to be conservative of the state. Helots[ edit ] Helots were the state-owned serfs who made up 90 percent of the population.

Sparta, for example, never entirely freed itself of its kings.- Spartan culture is a great example of how a society’s infrastructure will directly affect both, its social structure and superstructure.

the child would be bathed in wine to test its constitution. [tags: History, The Spartan Society] but more by the differences. This. Athens vs.

Sparta Essay; Athens vs. Sparta Essay. Words 5 Pages. Athens vs. Sparta During the times of Ancient Greece, two major forms of government existed, democracy and oligarchy.

The city-states of Athens and Sparta are the best representatives of democracy and oligarchy, respectively. The Spartan Constitution called for all men to.

The Cretan constitution nearly resembles the Spartan, and in some few points is quite as good; but for the most part less perfect in form. Social Structure and Political Organisation: Issue of Lycurgus (the Great Rhetra) -The Spartan system (Social code, military & land system and political constitution) was the work of a single great lawgiver named Lycurgus.

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My Account. Your search returned The first test came from its mother, the child would be bathed in wine to test its constitution.

Spartan Constitution

[tags: History, The Spartan Society] but more by the differences. This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities.

I'll start with. Spartan Politics Essay Sparta had a Political organisation unlike many other Greek states at that time that drew upon elements of all types of Government structures. The Spartan constitution contained elements of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy and was described by ancient writers as a mixed constitution.

Spartan constitution essay
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