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To get a sense for the political stance of each media outlet, the researchers identified newspapers that endorsed Republican presidential candidates as more conservative, and those that opposed the admission of women to military academies as more traditional in their attitude to sex roles.

I learned that males are less likely to experience an injury while playing sports and that if males do sustain a concussion injury their recovery rates are far less time substantial than their female counterparts. A quality tracking system handles the articles submitted by various authors based on quality-checking Sex deferences essay 0711 originality and consistency for subsequent approval.

The unadjusted rate ratios along with a 95 percent Wald confidence intervals were used furthermore to compare the the incidence rates between different sexes, levels of contact for each athlete, the setting in which the injury occurred, and the difference in competition levels. The data means that there are significant differences between the male and female anatomy of the human body, because of this both sexes do not react the same when exposed to similar injuries.

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The narrowing, but persistent, gender gap in pay

Are Gender Differences an Artifact? A logistical regression model was then used in order to examine the sex differences in the odds of a concussion diagnosis among all reported soccer related head injuries.

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Contrary to the hypothesis, we found that, if anything, the size of the gender difference in depression increased, rather than decreased, as the threshold was increased Nazroo et al.

The sex refers to whether the injured athlete was a male or female.

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Although there has not been any clear evidence as to why male and females react differently to head injuries, researchers have proposed that the differences can be contributed to the fact males have a stronger neck and torso, along with varying levels of hormones, cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism levels between the two sexes.

Athletic Exposure is defined as a single participant in a single practice session or game with any probability of injury.

But does this bias in reporting matter? It may be that how you explain apparent gender differences to kids is just as important as the toys you encourage them to play with. This process assures considerable impact factor for the journal and reputation to the authors that add value to their Academic Performance Index API Score.

This average score might be higher among women because they are more likely to report subclinical symptoms Newmann,as cited in Nazroo et al. Typically, studies report that women have a prevalence rate for depression up to twice that of men Bebbington, ; Nolen-Hoeksema, The criteria states that an injury is one in which occurred during an intercollegiate game or practice, an injury that required immediate medical attention, and any injury that required restricted participation from athletic events for more than one day after the event of the injury.

The varying levels of competition is classified based on which competition level each athlete is playing in, such as Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3. The authors did report limitations to their analysis, these include the limited amount of participation from NCAA collegiate athletic programs which limits the validity of the data reports.

Exploring Gender Difference in Depression

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Simply having a biological explanation for some sex difference reinforced stereotypic associations about the properties of men and women. The researchers were then able to evaluate the differences in head injury incidence rates between female and male athletes across the categories of setting, contact, and competition levels.

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Sex deferences essay 0711
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