Relationship of production with other departments

The accounting department helps the business remain profitable. Usually, the alternative offering the greatest income in the long run should be selected, since no organisation has enough capital to satisfy all requirements.

Non production overhead in production department?

Procurement subsequently translates these documents into a procurement schedule. Relationship of production with other departments organizational structure defines the relationship and interactions between the parts of your business, and identifies how the chain of command runs through the different levels.

They provide the functional component of the strategic operations of the company by planning the activities that contribute to the overall goals of the organization.

Relationship between housekeeping and other department?

Contingencies Adequate financing also ensures that the company will be able to handle any contingencies that arise. What is the role of an accounting department in a corporation?

Opportunities Lastly, financing enables opportunities, which can arise at any time. Matrix Structure Using a matrix structure in your business can give you greater flexibility in business functions than a more hierarchical organization. The production department does not work directly with the marketing department.

For example, a supplier may momentarily have excess capacity because of the cancellation of a large order. Here, PPC team ensures the garments merchandising department about the overall situation of the garment export order. The production processes are the various stages of production that turn raw materials into finished goods.

Like all departments, marketing may wish to overspend if profitable marketing opportunities emerge over the year.

This action permits sales to alter its distribution schedule in a manner that will not alienate customers. An effective operations manager can assess whether or not resources are being used wisely and increase profitability as a result of his assessment.

Functional Structure Most businesses adopt a functional organizational structure with a chain of command: If HR is not competent, they will not be able to bring the right people on the board and as a result investment objectives cannot be achieved.

In order to file for tax returns, apply for a loan to expand your business, or for certain legal purposes, accounting is necessary. They produce what the company wnats to sell. In this case, there needs to be financial controls to reduce the probability of theft or embezzelment.

Function of yarn department is to in-house necessary yarn depending on yarn booking chart. Accounting for your small business is also important so you are able to assess your financial performance. Is an expensive design with a high safety factor necessary if a less costly design with a lower safety factor will do the job?

The main duty of finance function is to seek cheaper funds for future investment, in short to keep the weighted average cost of capital lower.

In most cases, company growth is preceded by an investment in more employees, more inventory, another location, etc. Now, if production department performs his duty honestly and products are produced and sold on time, it will be helpful for increase sale and profitability and it will again recycle the fund with high profit in finance department.

For health reasons alone should be reason enough.


The drawback is that the chain of command in a matrix may become cloudy and conflicted. Relationship of Finance with Personnel: During material shortage periods, an organisation with a preferred customer status has a much better chance of avoiding shortage problems experienced by most others.

This appears to be a business studies question from academia, and the answer above you is an answer that can be used in a business studies context. What are the financial risk in Account department?

Relation of Production Planning and Control (PPC) with Other Departments

In a large company, there could be many people wotking in one functional area; and in that case, that function might be broken down to smaller components. The accounting department in the hotel is responsible for allaccounts receivable and accounts payable.

Hope this has answered your question. Coordination between Procurement and Production pays off in many ways. Everything any department does has an affect on the bottom line.What is the relationship between production department and marketing department in a business organisation?

The marketing department promotes the products that the. What is the relationship between production department and other department in organisation? relation between food production and other departments in. Explain The Relationship Between The Purchasing Department And Other Departments Of Any Other Organisation?

Organization Explain The Relationship Between The Purchasing Department And Other Departments Of Any Other Organisation. Your business's functions are the things it does -- production, sales, marketing, research and billing, for example.

The organizational structure defines the relationship and interactions between. Relationships With Other Departments Purchasing and Staff Relationships The Purchasing Department will constantly strive to increase its knowledge of available materials, services, and sources of supply for the benefit of its customers.

The Perception of HR Department.

What Is the Relationship of Operations Management to the Overall Organizational Strategy?

The size of HR department has been grown for over the past three decades. However, numerous of the top managers from the firms think that other departments such as marketing, finance, and production department are more important than HR department.

Relationship of production with other departments
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