Problems affecting nigeria

Actually, being the oil giant, which runs on a grease of politics, Nigeria could be characterized as a wealthy nation staying afloat on oil.

Our international airports are a journey into morass. Human resources play an immense role in the success of failure of any organization or nation in terms of capability and strength of character of the workers or leaders in Nigeriamost of the problems facing the economy are reflection of the poor quality of human development and the economic health, of the nation has been neglected for decades Kruege March, one has to understand the problems facing the educational institution to really appreciate the magnitude of problem facing the Nigerian economy.

So many have their future shattered and others have lost focus because of careless accidents by road in the country. This situation is pitiable and is a typical example of rampant petty crime in Nigeria.

Improperly disposed rubbish promotes the spread of diseases and this will end up affecting the Nigerian economy. It is a militant Islamist movement with ties to Al-Qaeda whose name translates into "Western education is forbidden.

So, they are a problem to the country because they lacked knowledge which they would have gained if they went to school Boko Haram. This is where the importance of youth empowerment comes to play.

There is also a lot of corruption in the Nigerian educational system, particularly universities. Young people are the prime beneficiaries of school improvement, and the percentage of youth in higher learning institutions is currently very high.

National dailies area wash with news of how public officials are acquiring million dollar homes within and outside Nigerian and stock piling stolen public money in financial institution abroad. The departments that are supposed to be taught technically to be useful to firms after their graduations are lacking and this makes them contribute less to the societal development of the country.

Economic Problems Affecting Nigeria Development

Unless they already know them, some of the CEOs demands special and sexual favors from young women seeking employment and at times do not hire them in the end. What is more, corruption abound in this area. Consequently, the Global Peace Index ofhas classified Nigeria as the 4th country in the world with the highest level of deaths as a result of conflict.

Abuse of power is observed in almost all the government arms of the federation. Boko Haram is a well-known agent of destruction in Nigeria.

It compares poorly not only to those of developed Western nations but also to other African countries like Ghana and South Africa.

Johnbosco AgbakwuruDapchi Girls abduction: It demands that no philosophy or belief should discriminate the women from participating in any important roles in the country.Let us outline all the problems affecting Nigeria/Nigerians.

Even if you do not have any solution, just post them. It is my hope that our leaders, some groups or individuals can see these list and provide solution to some of them. Most people here want us to believe that corruption is the problem of Nigeria. I would like you to know that corruption knows no boundary(is everywhere) but what hinders it/improve it.

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What are 10 economic problems facing Nigeria?

What Are the Problems Facing Nigeria Today? Nigeria has many problems. These problems are but not limited to: This problem keeps Nigeria a Third World country from year to mi-centre.coms: What are the problems facing businesses in Nigeria, and what are the solutions to these problems?

What is the biggest problem facing business executives in Nigeria today? What is the most common problem business owners face?

Major Problems Facing Nigeria Today f Share. Tweet. The Federal Republic of Nigeria or "Nigeria" for short, remains the baby giant of Africa. Nigeria sits very close to the heart of Africa about 10 degrees north of the equator (at the western coast).

Challenges in Nigeria and Solutions on How to Resolve Them

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most populous country in all of Africa and the eighth. Do you know ☑ what are 10 economic problems facing Nigeria economy ☑?

Some points depend on us! Go Here => and find out more information. Check out all the trending Latest news news in Nigeria & world right now on Improperly disposed rubbish promotes the spread of diseases and this will end up affecting the Nigerian economy.

Problems affecting nigeria
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