Politics and the constitution essays on british government

The transformation of the Spanish political structure from dictatorship to a full pledge democracy was what inspired the framers of the constitution to give most of the powers to the President of the Government.

In the early s, it was ruled by a leftist republican regime which was overthrown by the Spanish civil war. The armed forces are also directly under his control although the king is still regarded as the supreme commander.

The Prime Minister oversees the policy-making and administrative functions of the council. He is in charge of preparing, and coordinating the different functions of the various departments of government.

The Constitution of Spain allowed the country to develop a democratic, social, and regional state. It is understandable because the Prime Minister itself represents the people. Essay UK - http: The premier usually comes from a party who wins a majority seat in the Cortes.

They still favored a republic form of government. Essay on Spain Political Constitution Politics Spanish Constitution Essay Why did the framers of the Spanish Constitution want to create such a strong premier President of the Government and to what extent has this formal power been translated into practice?

Spain has had its share of revolutions and civil wars. It was difficult to reconcile the concept of democracy with the concept of monarchy when sovereignty lies in the hands of the people, not with the government.

Political parties and their structure must be democratic even if these parties are socialists or communists.

Aside from these powers, he can also propose the dissolution of the entire legislature the Cortes and ask for a vote of confidence from the Congress of Deputies. The Council of Ministers or the cabinet is composed of the Prime Minister, the deputy Prime Minister, and the different ministers.

As the constitution was being formulated, leftist parties were opposed to a monarchy type of governance. At that time, democracy was at its hardest time because economic and financial considerations have taken a backseat.

There were leftists and rightists who advocated different sets of principles. Political reforms initiated after his death led to the legalization of different political parties which included the socialist and communist parties.

The framers of the constitution took this into consideration as a means to balance the need to involve all parties even with those who have opposing views on democracy. These democratic reforms were further strengthened with the creation of a new constitution.

Since Spain is composed of different political parties, the framers of the constitution devised it in such a way that it would be acceptable to all parties. As a leader of the government and of the political party that he represents, he is accountable for all his actions within his party and the people.

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There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. These constitutional framers came from members of the newly elected Cortes, or the bicameral legislature. Giving him stronger powers means giving the people greater participation and involvement in running the government.

Translating this sovereignty and power to the people means giving the Prime Minister enough power to run the government and deal with different problems and crisis situations.

Though the framers did not consider the idea of eliminating the constitutional monarchy, they were able to reach a compromise with regards to the roles that the king and the Prime Minister would play in government. According to Grolier Encyclopedia, Spain is a hereditary, constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary form of government.

A right-wing dictatorial regime ended with the death of General Francisco Franco in However, during this transition period, much of the energy and resources of the country were spent on trying to focus on political and constitutional matters.

According to Paynep. Its constitution states that national sovereignty and power emanate from the people and is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation. The Prime Minister is vested with a lot of powers according to the different provisions of the constitution.

Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised International Relations and Politics work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. True power lies in the hands of the premier. His nomination of the different ministers who would lead the different ministries puts him in a position to choose those which he thinks are capable of supporting his platform of government.

About this resource This International Relations and Politics essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.Synopsis A constitution forms the basis of the legal order of the state, but it is also a "power-map" tracing the normative relationships between the government and citizen.

This work presents a collection of essays which offers a political scientist's view of the British constitution. They. A constitution is defined as "a frame of political society, organised through and by law; that is to say one in which law has established permanent institutions with recognised functions and definitive rights" (Wolf-Phillips, ).

Thus a Constitution in itself is a legal framework through and by which a.

Politics and the constitution : essays on British government

Add tags for "Politics and the constitution: essays on British government". Be the first. The British colonial government has suspended the constitution, and so the soldiers are policing the country. The British sent their soldiers into British Guiana to crush their uprising.

The poet is personifying his country as his 'love'. `Like the work of Marshall itself, the essays in this volume range comfortably over law, politics and the constitution and will ensure that the lawyer and political scientist are never far apart.' Government and Opposition, Oct Essay about AS Politics Revision.

Government & Politics Unit 1: People, Politics & Participation Participation & voting behaviour What is politics? Politics is about how we are governed. Ways in which decisions are made about government, states and public affairs: where power the people'.

In UK democracy, a few govern and the mass of people follow.

Politics and the constitution essays on british government
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