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Technique[ edit ] Phases of pole vaulting Although many techniques are used by vaulters at various skill levels to clear the barthe generally accepted technical model can be broken down into several phases: As technology enabled higher vaults, mats evolved into bags of large chunks of foam.

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Dave Hurst, a ten-year manager from Kenwick, Washington, Pole vault research paper a answer to an article about the proposed helmet regulation.

None of my friends could help me then. The pole vault crossbar has evolved from a triangular aluminum bar to a round fiberglass bar with rubber ends. The basis for my questioning lies in the researchers own data and subsequent conclusion which is noted below.

Although a late pole plant decreases the loss of energy by the vaulter during the take-off, this is counterbalanced by a decrease in the energy stored in the pole at take-off" The last point is entirely important yet the researchers are trying to minimze the implications of it: In the past few years, the event has been change at the high school level.

Second, coercing a pole jumper to have on a helmet may merely do more hurts due to mental damage that occurs. Changing the proposal to read something in the way of, "all Pole vault research paper must provide helmets for any vaulters who want to use Pole vault research paper would be justified.

This proposal states that a vaulter must wear a helmet [in Pole vault research paper in order to vault Johnson Unfortunately, due to physics, this is not necessarily true. The top vaulters started using steel poles in the s and flexible fibreglass, and later carbon fibre, poles started to be widely used in the late s.

It is a traditional rumour that the higher a pole jumper holds on a pole, the higher he or she will leap. Swing up[ edit ] The swing and row simply consists of the vaulter swinging the trail leg forward and rowing the pole, bringing the top arm down to the hips, while trying to keep the trail leg straight to store more potential energy into the pole, the rowing motion also keeps the pole bent for a longer period of time for the vaulter to get into optimum position.

If a beginner is doing things wrong, the outcome could be a concussion, or even worse, a terminal injury Johnson 2. Fly-away[ edit ] This is often highly emphasized by spectators and novice vaulters, but it is arguably the easiest phase of the vault and is a result of proper execution of previous phases.

Hands are not allowed to grip the very top of the pole their hand perpendicular to the pole for safety reasons. If competitors are tied on the same height, the winner will have had the fewest failures at that height.

He stated that since regulation began two old ages ago, he has had ten more hurts than his first eight old ages as a manager. The mats used for landing in pole vault.

The faster the vaulter can run and the more efficient their take-off is, the greater the kinetic energy that can be achieved and used during the vault.

Either manner, the pole jumper may stop up losing the cavities and wounding himself. Vaulters will usually count their steps backwards from their starting point to the box only counting the steps taken on the left foot vice versa for left-handers except for the second step from the box, which is taken by the right foot.

During the plant phase, the knee is driven forward at the time of "takeoff" to help propel the vaulter upward. There is this giant rush when coming down from the jump. This is what the vault is about Johnson 3.

A method of holding or pushing the bar back onto the pegs while jumping over a height. To make this, the pole jumper must hold a batch of impulse, obtained by running. Result the same as those in football would be lay waste toing to the athletics.

Though helmets are unjust to pole jumpers, non all pole jumpers feel the same manner I do. At this point, the vaulter clears the bar, or misses, and then falls to a large foam cushioning called pits.

This cost can be anyplace from two to four hundred dollars. Once in a "U" shape the left arm hugs the pole tight to efficiently use the recoil within the pole.

First, more hurts will happen because of the lacking financess for training.

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The technique is named after U. The fiberglass equipment used to propel the vaulter up and over the bar. The basic premise is that total energy transfer was calculated based on a multitude of measurements:Optimizing the Pole Properties in Pole Vaulting by Using Research on Pole Vault sport was focused on two main topics; dynamic motion and material properties of the pole.

This paper is focused on dynamic motion analysis of the pole. Ekevad and Lundberg [2] studied.

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Pole Vault How it works Competitors vault over a metre long horizontal bar by sprinting along a runway and jamming a pole against a ‘stop board’ at the back of a recessed metal ‘box. So most fears have nothing at all to do with physics of pole-vault, but the human mind is what makes them afraid to jump.

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