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However, the most probably she gave birth to a little girl. One of the ways that this individualism and womanhood are defined is through language, No name wman essay, at least for No Name Woman, the lack of it.

She came to the conclusion that they were both typical girls: I am practically a first daughter of a first daughter. This prized circularity was so enmeshed in everyday life — symbolically, in "the round moon cakes and round doorways, the round tables of graduated sizes that fit one roundness inside another, round windows and rice bowls" — that the slightest ripple, the tiniest threat, to social stability was believed by the villagers to be an outright attack on an entire way of life and therefore must be completely annihilated.

Kingston also notes that the baby was probably a girl, and as such would already have been considered practically useless to society—a theme that reappears throughout The Woman Warrior.

The book affects the readers considerably. Kingston wants to believe that her aunt had at least some positive control of her own destination rather than being merely a victim.

She calls her aunt No-Name-Woman, emphasizing the attitude of others to her miserable, doomed aunt. Her family forgot she ever existed after this, and her father denies he even ever had a sister.

She felt that her aunt may have been under too much pressure which caused her to rebel and bring dishonor to the family. Of course, making a summary complete while staying brief is always a tricky balancing act. Kingston described another problem she identified with the Chinese culture and started to develop an opinion that made the members of the village seem more at fault.

Brave Orchid explains to her daughter about the aunt, "Now that you have started to menstruate, what happened to her could happen to you. She did not think it was fair how her aunt was treated, even in the afterlife.

Kingston ponders and tries to imagine what happened to her aunt because she cannot ask her family or her mother any more about what happened; they do not speak of her. You cover the main ideas, stay neutral, and omit unnecessary details, which is key.

How to reconcile this conflict between these two disparate cultures becomes her thesis, the problem she attempts — and ultimately succeeds — to solve.

No Name Woman Rhetorical Analysis

No Name Woman is attacked because her action — adultery, confirmed by pregnancy — threatens socially accepted behavior tacitly enforced through centuries of tradition.

Kingston added personal details about her family and thoughts to explain her attitude toward the big family secret. Kingston also exposes the unfair discrimination against women in traditional Chinese society when she discusses how sons are celebrated more than daughters.

Only men who met a strict set of criteria were allowed to enter, but their wives, sons, and daughters were not allowed to come with them.

In "No Name Woman," Kingston writes, "Those of us in the first American generations have had to figure out how the invisible world the emigrants built around our childhood fits into solid America. And sure enough she cursed the year, the family, the village, and herself. The third is fiction, found in the middle of the piece, to show the way she pictures her relative given her family history and cultural background.No Name Woman Rhetorical Analysis; No Name Woman Rhetorical Analysis.

The Woman Warrior

8 August Family; just like Maxine Hong Kingston’s aunt in her story “No Name Woman. ” The aunt was pregnant, had her house raided by angry villagers, birthed her baby in a muddy pigsty, and then committed suicide by jumping into the family well with her.

Free Essay: Compare and Contrast “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “No Name Woman” “The Yellow Wallpaper” tells the story of the narrator’s personal battle with. Free Essay: Maxine Hong Kingston's No Name Woman A person's identity cannot be given to her, instead a person must achieve a sense of her character through.


No Name Woman Analysis essay writing service, custom No Name Woman Analysis papers, term papers, free No Name Woman Analysis samples, research papers, help. In "No Name Woman, Kingston often becomes caught up in her own fantasy world, in which she is separated from reality.

Kingston is a Chinese-American woman, who has never been to China; however, Kingston writes about the stories her mother tells her in great detail/5(9). Related Documents: 50 essays no name woman No Name Woman Essay.

No-Name Woman’s appearance In paragraphsKingston gives imaginative descriptions to her aunt’s concern with appearance to paint a picture of how her aunt may have been when she brought shame to the family.

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Since Kingston could not ask about the No-Name Woman she.

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