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His upgrade is a special harness that converts his hyperactive energy into superhuman speed and strength. She also fell out of the rocket at the end Nerd books the second book while wrestling with Gluestick. It is shown that she was diagnosed with asthma at a young age, Nerd books after months of sleepless nights and a longing for a loving family, the ability to do physical activities, and household pets, she joined the N.

While drugged, the nanobytes that he received from the alternate universe Nerd books been spreading a virus that makes everyone think that they are superior, thus turning them into villains.

Her upgrades are two nano-enhanced inhalers that enable her to fly and blast enemies, along with blowtorches.

Lunich - Lunich was a brave athlete and also a scientist. The Villain Virus N. Without his harness he is visibly shaking non-stop. He wants to rule a world where knowledge and learning is important out of a hatred for bullies and the years of humiliation that he suffered under Jackson.

He is one of the three agents who have told their families about their secret. She transferred Duncan to Nathan Hale Elementary out of concern for his safety. She reveals she has a small crush on Gluestick in the third book and she kisses him on the nose in book 2.

Captain Blancard "Fishhead" - The captain of the N. Read this exciting book. S have to stop him before it is too late. When he wakes, he has no memory of his past as a villain. He is the one who gives the N.

He stood up to Dr. He does not appreciate technology much, he has a job as a mechanic, and he has been working on a Ford Mustang since before Duncan was born.

Lunich had also made a tractor beam that Dr.

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Described as a walking ball of energy spiked by the large numbers of candy barscookiesand sugary sodas he consumes everyday.

Benjamin - A blue floating orb that is the N.


He is transported to a mental facility in the third book and goes crazy, thus dubbing himself Screwball. He rejoins the N.

General Savage - A hulk of muscle - he is said to have fought in fourteen wars and to have started ten of them just for practice.6 reviews of Giant Nerd Books "Probably one of the coolest hidden book stores in Spokane. Every author I could think of in the realm of science fiction, horror, and fantasy has at least a handful of books available here.

Hard to find editions, 5/5(6). Cover of the first book NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society. Giant Nerd Books, Spokane, Washington. K likes.

Promoting literacy in the Lilac City sinceone dirty picture book at a time!/5(68). Books shelved as nerd-books: A Clash of Kings by George R.R.

Martin, A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin, A.

Lists about: Books With Nerdy, Geeky, or Genius Heroes and Heroines, Brainy/Genius Romantic Heroes, Best Gay Romance with Bookish/Nerdy/Geeky Characters. Book Nerds The Barnes & Noble Podcast, and 9 More of the Best Podcasts for Bookish Types True book lovers know it’s not enough to simply read before bed or at the beach, you’re always hungry for more.

Nerd books
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