My childhood bedroom

I have never seen it embodied, just always felt it. How did it make you feel? Ever since we moved for the last time, I have had nightmares where I cannot go into the den with all of my stuff. Small, cozy, full of toys. They had a small den behind the fireplace of the living room that they used as a computer room before we moved in.

Shiny orange and white lacquer furniture comes quickly to mind. I remember covering my head many a night with my blankets. There was the time I stood on my bed with an old broomstick using it to row my ship towards a secret treasure. Nothing beats the fear and anger expressed in those dreams.

So now on to the scary part. Ive had some bad nightmares just because of how wild my dreams get, but these are always at the top.

Two large drawers for extra sheets and nothing important to me.

To the point where it literally forces me out and slams the door. The bathroom sink was just outside the door of the bathroom with a huge mirror the span of the wall. My queen sized bed was surrounded by walls full of stuffed animals and on my nightstand I had a bright red phone in the shape of a stilletto.

What did your childhood bedroom look like? My mom and I lived on the top floor of a three family house; my grandfather on the first floor. Share the scents and sights and flavors.

I am currently 21 and have not lived in that house for nearly 10 years. Did you help make it? The room I remember most easily, though, is the one at Adams Street. I lost my courage and ran to bed instead.Apr 28,  · Some of my old things were easy to get rid of.

Tap shoes, year-old socks, mangy stuffed animals, candy wrappers from Then there were all. k Likes, Comments - mayim bialik (@missmayim) on Instagram: “Yes this is me and Jennifer Aniston in my childhood bedroom. We did a show together before I did ”.

What Was Your Childhood Room Like?

During a short visit back home, I decided to do the impossible. I decided to clean my old childhood, I was looking for my high school student ID.

(I'm giving a thumbs up in it. The one in my grandfather’s apartment which was really his bedroom where I slept when I stayed over. Then the one during my early teens which I don’t remember so well. Though I vaguely recall a Legends of The Fall poster with a chest baring Brad Pitt on the walls.


We came back to that house afterwards and he had somehow pulled off having my sister + brother in-law sneak off and completely decorate my childhood bedroom in.

So some back story. We lived with my grandparents for several years on and off. They had a small den behind the fireplace of the living room that they used as a computer room before we moved in.

My childhood bedroom
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