Important occurrences in 1907 essay

Consequently, people began to believe that the educational system in a country may be organised according to these principles. In this method, economic political, social and religious factors were analysed. This belief resulted into the collection of data on education of other countries.

Therefore, it was not considered necessary whether the country whose educational pattern was to be copied has the same cultural, social, political, economic and religious traditions as the other country had.

The first stage in the development of comparative education begins with the ideas propounded by Antoine Jullien. Thus the influence of these factors in the context of educational development was specially noted and to what extent these factors were suitable for another country. The third stage starts in In he published an essay in which he emphasized the point that educational system of a country was related to the social environment of the land.

Robert Ulich, Friedrich Schneider and Issac Kandel have contributed significantly to the development of the third stage of the study of comparative education. These data were arranged in tables and an attempt was made to deduce some general principles from the same.

Sir Michael Sadler of England was the father of this second stage. This stage continued upto the beginning of the twentieth century.

Then it was inferred up to what extent that educational system was suitable or in suitable for another country. Three importance Stages in the development of comparative education- Essay Article shared by We find three stages in the development of comparative education.

Therefore, in the third stage, an attempt was made to reach a conclusion on the basis of various factors, whereas in the second stage this tendency was absent.

These persons and their followers have opined that in the development of education of a country, it is necessary to; study the educational systems of other countries. Thus the related factors of education were specially studied. In the second stage, social, economic and other circumstances which influence education in a country were studied.

What Happened in 1907

During the nineteenth century, the belief had gained ground that the characteristics prevailing in one country may be Absorbed in the educational system of another.

So the tendency of blind imitation was discarded.

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Three importance Stages in the development of comparative education- Essay

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Important occurrences in 1907 essay
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