If i could be invisible for a day

But if you were invisible, that would all totally change. Think about doing this: Not so cruel now, is it? Okay, okay, so this technically means that you would be stealing your groceries. Sorry but not sorry because this is super fun to picture even if it can never actually happen.

The best part is that, like shopping at Whole Foods or traveling anywhere that you wanted, no one would be the wiser. Email Copy Link Copied With great invisibility comes great responsibility. They just respect the fact that you did. I would work upon them and amaze my countrymen with wonderful results.

Being invisible would give us all the perfect chance. Yup, you just turn yourself invisible and walk right in. You could, in theory, be the poorest person to ever live the high life if you pulled this one off right.

This would make me feel utterly lonely and miserable and aspire for my own companion in life. Ideally, this type of behavior is not encouraged, but come on. It would be amazing and no one would ever know. Totally surprised and upset, she would, perhaps, shed a few motherly tears, fearing that I am lost to her.

What if you deliberately choose someone who was been mean to your family or someone who kicks puppies? You want to be a good person and you want to buy the best quality food possible, but your bank account totally says otherwise.

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Just think about all the totally awesome information you could find out. After this, I would find myself in company of eminent scientists of the two powerful blocs the U. This would be the best thing ever and no one would kick you out or act like you were being super creepy since, of course, absolutely no one would be able to see you.

Be strong, be better than this, dammit! You could even hang out at the store when it was closed. If I were invisible, I would nudge and pinch my friends, relatives and even classmates.

I would get rid of the humdrum of life and enjoy roaming around like a free, delighted bird. No, most people want to turn invisible because it would allow them the opportunity to do things they would not be allowed to in their daily lives.

Your mom would not yell at you because she would have no idea who was stealing clothes from her.

476 Words Essay on If I Were Invisible

But hey, that does sound kind of hilarious and ridiculous, so you would be up for it. You can be anywhere and witness anything without people knowing.

Thereupon, the government will honour me for my achievement and recommend me for the award of the Bharat Ratna. If you were invisible, you would sneak into your office building on the weekend and snoop around.

This one would be great fun, as you could slide things off their table and throw slices of bread at them for no good reason other than to freak them out.


She might think it is a ghost or something. As soon as the perps show up and start acting all crazy, you disarm them and knock them out. Unless your mom actually believes in spirits and then you might feel bad.Celebrate the day by thinking about how you would use the power of invisibility if you had it.

Read a book or watch something that has invisibility as an element of the story, such as H.G. Wells's The Invisible mi-centre.com could also read something that deals with psychological invisibility, such as Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man.

Being invisible, getting through the Hong Kong immigration would be a breeze, and hopping on to a flight to Taiwan or someplace close by would be too easy. I would see everything I wanted to see there, and since I am a really big foodie, I would eat in the most expensive restaurants.

What would you do if you could be invisible for a day is an example of a question that has many possible answ Get the answers you need, now!

If you could be invisible for a day...

1. Log in Join now 1. Log in Join now High School. Social studies. 5 points What would you do if you could be invisible for a day is an example of a question that has many possible answers and fosters. If it fell on Christmas Eve, I'd be an 'invisible Santa Claus'. I'd steal Christmas presents from stores and put them in the homes of the poor, so their children could share the happiness of this.

Playing tricks on people could also be a lot of fun if you were invisible for a day, nothing too nasty just maybe moving things when they are not looking just to play a prank could be a fun thing to do when invisible.

We don't want to encourage anyone to become a car thief, but let's none of us pretend we wouldn't take at least one sick car for a joy ride if we were invisible for a day, because we ALL KNOW we would.

If i could be invisible for a day
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