Henderson and orem comparison of nursing concept

The core concept creates the basis for the nursing theories that shall be highlighted. The environment as a concept encompasses the surroundings of a human being and these include physical and socio-economic factors as well as the people that a person lives with. The nursing personnel therefore develop interventional measures that manage or provide self-care to either recover from injury or illness or sustain better health Taylor et al.

According to Orem the nursing care may be necessitated by difficulties in care or deficits in self-care. The concept calls for understanding of a human being as a complex entity constituting of various elements that make up a human being as a whole.

In essence the nursing process comes in as an interventional practice within which the nursing practice is meant to provide education, guidance and providing a supportive environment to improve health. The third nursing concept is health and this pertains to the relation and concerns of other health conditions that may not be of immediate concern, but are an important aspect and element to reckon in designing any form of treatment program for a patient.

The fourth and final concept is nursing and this involves the conceptualization of the whole profession as a science and art of well-being which involves more than just taking care of health, but also involves learning about leadership and other skills such as decision-making. Under medical care terms self-care is termed as the ability of a person to undertake activities that can help him sustain good health individually.

The human being is the basic concept that defines the human being as an entity constituting of various aspects that make up the human as a whole. As such they are ideological conceptions that create a framework upon which thoughts may be based and conclusions reached.

The two theories may find different conceptual applications in the nursing setting because the goals held by the two are quite different, but also subtly similar.

The deficit of self-care is identified as the major cause of medical problems according to the conceptualization of this theory. Therefore, nursing acts as an interventional plan to get an individual back on to optimal well-being through self-care.

The common concept under discussion in this work was nursing. The self-care theory by Dorothea Orem applies the model that utilizes meta-paradigms of health, nursing, environment and the person. According to this conceptualization the system of nursing delineates the manner in which the patient, nurse or both meet the self-care of an individual.

The concept of nursing is common to the two theories in that the practice of nursing supports in recovering from ill health or imminent ill health to achieve optimal health according to Orem.

In this case the selected core concept is nursing. On the other hand, Henderson identifies nursing as interventional actions and plans that are meant to serve both the healthy and unhealthy in either improving their health conditions or ensuring their positive sustenance.

According to this conceptualization self-care needs nursing action to be conducted for the sake of restoration of health and its sustenance. Dorothea Orem definition of nursing holds that nursing constitutes actions that are performed and selected deliberately by nurses in a bid to help groups of people or individuals that they care for to change or maintain health conditions within themselves and their environments.

The two theorists notably make use of the concept of nursing in their theories that define the role of nursing. Self-care constitutes of the practice of certain activities which people perform and initiate by themselves in a bid to maintain well-being, health and good life. Conceptual Models of Nursing: The concepts provided in the field of nursing create the basis upon which the nursing field education is built and rooted and as such the concepts are commonly associated with the educational programs that make up the nursing profession.

The theory holds that the individual has the power to initiate and maintain self-care which is the source of better health and the self-care has to be largely environmentally directed in to influencing a positive and healthy living environment.

It is a basic requirement that any nursing student should be aware of the four basic nursing concepts and how they relate to the nursing profession and theories in order to be effective in the nursing service.

The concept analysis and comparison in this paper shall highlight one core nursing concept and its relation to two major nursing theories. The concepts define how care should be carried out and how relations should be maintained between the patient and the nurse.

Nursing theorists, retrieved on 19th June, from http: As far as the nursing field goes there are four nursing concepts that comprehensively define the nursing field and these include the human being, environment, health and nursing.

In this case recuperation or recovery of good health is the major issue of concern. Anyone that has no ability to engage in activities that help sustain his or her health has a self-care deficit, and in such instances nursing becomes a necessary thing. Last modified on Saturday, 17 December Therefore, implying that with sufficient care there is a great likelihood that there may be few occurrences of health deficiencies that may require medical interventions.These theorist Orem and Henderson have a common concept on how a nurse should practice nursing.

Theses theorist have established in their theories the role of nursing.

Comparison of Nursing Theories

They have differ approaches when it comes to the how nurses should practice their care. Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories NUR/ Rebecca Toothaker May 31, para. The concepts are applicable in different nursing settings because the goals of both concepts are the same.

Dorothea Orem’s and Virginia Henderson’s use the nursing concept in their theory to define the role of nursing. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library. Application of Transcultural Nursing Model. Basic Concepts of Transcultural Nursing.

Wikipedia about Leininger. Self-Care Framework Model in Practice (Orem) Adaptation Model in Practice. Electronic Nursing. Theories Compare And Contrast Nursing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Compare and contrast between the Orem and Roy nursing theory.

Zarkowska and Clements () share Orem’s () concept of the dynamic interplay between social, physical, environmental and psychological issues in relation to the adjustment of.

Nursing Theorists Nursing Theorists Virginia Henderson's Theory Dorothea Orem's Conceptual Model Dorothy Johnson's Behavioural Systems Model Dorotheo Orem Alligood () stated, “Nursing practice according to Orem’s Conceptual Model is a deliberate action of the nurse who views patients in terms of their self-care capacity”.

Select a core concept that is common to two or more nursing theories; compare and analyze the concept definitions among the selected theories. Any help would be. Comparison of Nursing Theories.

Henderson and orem comparison of nursing concept
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