Governess relationships in brontes jane eyre essay

She also witnesses the ghostly appearance of the previous governess, Miss Jessel, and concludes that these evil spirits have arisen from the dead to seize the children. Yet as a group, governesses were generally seen as inferior and often looked upon with scorn.

I did not know much about what a governess had to do and how undervalued her Job was.

Governess Relationships in Bronte's Jane Eyre Essay

Clearly, a governess had to do that and do not answer when they were treated badly because they status did not permit such behavior. Reorganized inthe GBI provided financial assistance to retired or unemployed governesses, who had no provisions for illness or old age. This novel is primarily about love, whether it being a lack of love or so much love that it turns into passion, Jane strives to feel this emotion and closeness with anyone who will allow her to be their friend.

So we see how much relationships influence Jane and her attitudes in the novel, relationships affect Jane and how her personality is. Considered during the Victorian era as fulfilling the natural duty of womanhood, mothers were defined by their role within the domestic sphere.

As she matures into a young woman, Jane spends much of her time at Lowood School, away from her aunt and cousins. However, by engaging a governess, the Victorian mother freed herself of her primary obligation to her children and could concentrate on her philanthropic obligations.

Therefore this relationship has greatly affected Jane as she strives to be more like Helen. She was from the social level of the family, but the fact that she was paid a salary put her at the economic level of the servants.

This shows the importance of friendship throughout the novel and how with Jane having the comfort of a friend she can be the person that she has always wanted to be, thanks to Helen Jane finds herself acting more appropriately and being able to handle her anger.

As a result of this, Jane is able to educate herself and later pursue a career as a governess. A wicked and dangerous woman, Rebecca leaves the school in order to become a governess, finding employment with the family of Sir Pitt Crawley, an ill-mannered baronet.

To work as a governess was not an easy Job, but it was one of the few opportunities for women to get a Job. Jane Eyre showed also that the love story between a governess and her master was possible. In the thriller Uncle Silas, the Frenchwoman Madame de la Rougierre is hired as the governess for Maud, a motherless child.

Often the target of malicious or insolent behavior by the children, she was powerless to stop it lest she displease the parents and find herself out of work. Moreover, these women aid Jane in her quest for love by reminding her of who she is, and what she deserves from a man.

One of the last pieces of nineteenth-century fiction to feature a governess is the disturbing and ambiguous Turn of the Screw In Jane Eyre this situation is appreciated as she did not received a high salary for her Job which meant she did not have money to buy expensive clothing or Jewelry, that is why she looked as a humble woman.

Girls had much less need for a formal education, since their prospects for marriage were based primarily on their personal fortunes and secondarily on their personal appearance and genteel manners.

In Uncle SilasAnglo-Irish writer Sheridan Le Fanu explored the suspicious and fearful manner in which Victorians often held foreign governesses. Although she is able to find support in a friend named Helen Burns, she loses Helen shortly to a fatal illness. We see Jane finds this as a great comfort and now instead of looking onto God as something to be feared, she looks at him as somewhat of a comfort, especially after Helen dies of typhoid.

Though it is difficult for her, Jane leaves Thornfield with a mere twenty shillings and nowhere to go because she knows she cannot compromise her morals; most governesses would have been forced to stay by their fears about getting another position.

The salary of a governess was low and they did not have the chance to earn so much of it. This was in keeping with the Victorian belief that the education of boys was of vital importance, based on their future roles as supporters of their own families.Jane's Relationship with Rochester in Bronte's Jane Eyre Essay on Governess Relationships in Bronte's Jane Eyre Words | 5 Pages.

Governess Relationships in Bronte's Jane Eyre The Victorian governess suffered socially because of her position. The relationship between her and others that were in her class was strained because of her. Governess Relationships at Bronte's Jane Eyre The Victorian governess endured socially because of her position.

The connection between her and many others that were in her course has been strained because of her financial situation. The gothic romance novel “Jane Eyre,” by Charlotte Bronte, is essentially the story of a woman’s quest to find love. In building relationships with these women, Jane is able to learn from their experiences and, in turn, reflect on her own.

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Independence through Education: The Governess in Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey and Her Relation to Role of the Governess in Agnes Grey and Jane Eyre,” which I wrote in February for This essay, “Punishing the Nontraditional Woman.

Jane Eyre is a book by Charlotte Brontë. The Jane Eyre study guide contains a biography of Charlotte Bronte, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a fu.

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Governess relationships in brontes jane eyre essay
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