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Full paper available for: Sadly their death has achieved what hoped their marriage would. Until tomorrow… Related posts: As I present this eulogy today, look and see many different faces: I breast fed her, nourished her, cared for her when she was sick and taught her many things.

Master Romeo did make his presence clear when he returned home later that evening. Lady Capulet knew how upset I was over the loss of Susan and offered me to be the nurse of Juliet. She came to me past hope. So kind, caring, loving and sweet.

In desperation we devised a plan. His early upbringing was in a hateful environment where he was taught he had to dislike his neighbors for reasons he could not fully understand. All Master Romeo ever seemed to do was fantasize and daydream about Lady Juliet.

Juliet was an angel sent from God, and it is so sad to see her go back to heaven. Until tomorrow, Master Romeo. I began mentoring him as soon as we developed a bond.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I asked whom he was referring to and was shocked at first. Romeo Montague, a young man I consider like a son to me, has met his end owing to a series of unfortunate incidents.

At the very same time Lady Capulet had given birth to her beautiful daughter, Juliet. However, this passion would ultimately lead to the tragedy that cost this young man his life. More Essay Examples on He was the most modest, loyal and cheerful master have ever obtained the privilege to serve.

It is such a shame she felt this was her only way to be with Romeo. While his life has been cut short at an early age, he has nevertheless left a legacy that will live beyond our years.

Ever since, Juliet and I have had a deep connection, almost as if she was my own daughter. His youth was filled with passion as he strove to find the woman of his dreams. I love you angel, rest in peace. As trying to act with reason and sense, while everyone around me was driven by only their emotions.

My response in those circumstances was always to advise Romeo to ignore the conflict and try to lie his life. What a lamentable day it was, the day I found poor Juliet.

May you rest in peace, sweet Juliet. As we farewell thee, sweet Juliet, let me recite a poem in memory of you. When he had time, he often came to share his issues at my place.

But alas, that ancient grudge was bigger than the star-crossed lovers could handle. I did not have the slightest of clues on what occurred throughout that night. I an remember the words as clear as day: Do you not also feel responsible for the death Of four youths whose lives were cut short by your grudge?

Today we have celebrated the life of a beautiful young woman. These past 13 years with her have been so wonderful and I will never forget them. Juliet had fallen for a forbidden love Romeo, a dreaded Montague.

By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. In fact, she was the daughter I never had.More Essay Examples on He was the most modest, loyal and cheerful master have ever obtained the privilege to serve. Master Romeo also possessed a high level of intelligence, which was mainly shown by his fine array of poems and sayings, which were all.

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Nurse’s Eulogy for Juliet

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EULOGY “It would be an honor for me to eulogize the departed. More Essay Examples on. It is because of Gullet’s honest declaration of love for Romeo, and his love for her, that agree to their marriage. She came to me past hope. Romeo had changed immensely and became a whole new person over the last few weeks of his life.

We are also here to celebrate the life of Juliet. Juliet was a beautiful, young woman from the Capulet Family.

Romeo Montague, a young man who was like a son to me has passed away due to a series of misfortunate events. Although Romeo passed far too soon, we can still remember the legacy Romeo has left us, and appreciate .

Eulogy for romeo essay
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