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If Genocide is an aggravating circumstance how is it that it something as severe as Genocide can be outweighed by mitigating circumstances that only come from the character himself, meaning things like remorse and cooperation with persecution. It is as if they are mitigating his sentence themselves because they believe he was an innocent and confused child who just happened to be in a very powerful position, and this innocent and confused child then masterminded the deaths of thousands.

In this trial Essay on bosnian war mitigating circumstances outweigh his aggravating circumstances. He has already sentenced himself. The Tribunal should have used outside and more recent examples of war criminals to help impose their sentence. He knows the impact of his failure more than anyone.

Aggravating circumstances are reasons why someone should be given a harsher penalty for a crime, in this situation mitigating circumstances outweigh the aggravating circumstances and judges took this into consideration when giving him his 17 year sentence.

He is like Lady Macbeth, sentenced forever to the Sisyphean task of constantly washing her hands in a futile attempt to erase an indelible stain. Character of the AccusedE. These crimes have been happening a lot lately and many war criminals have been tried and found guilty just like Obrenovic.

The statute states in Article 24 in 2.

Sample Essay on Effects of the Bosnian War

The individual circumstances related to Dragan Obrenovic are mainly his aggravating and mitigating circumstances. The gravity of the offence was extremely severe, it does not get heavier than Genocide. Clearly the International Criminal Tribunal did not consider this, and decided that the mitigating circumstances were enough to give Dragan Obrenovic a sentence less than life imprisonment.

The ole of Obrenovic as deputy commander, and C. The victims were helpless women, children and elderly, as well as captured military age men, who were in a vulnerable position and were subjected to extreme depravity.

If murder can get you the death sentence in the United States, or at least life anywhere else, for trying to wipe out an existing people, an existing way of life, should you consider the perpetrators remorse?

This is supposed to be an aggravating circumstance, it is supposed to increase the sentence, the sentence of 17 years which does not agree with the Statute that was used in this trial.

Bosnian War Essay

The penalty imposed by the Trial Chamber shall be limited to imprisonment. More Essay Examples on Genocide is the mass extermination of a group of people, you are annihilating a group of individuals at once, it goes beyond murder and it is an unforgivable crime, Obrenovic was therefore given an unworthy and incomparable sentence.

No opportunity of volunteer surrender, and F. His main mitigating circumstances were A. The Trial Chamber stresses that the allocation of significant weight to the mitigating circumstances in this case should not be interpreted as dismissal of the gravity of the offence for which Dragan Obrenovic has been convicted.Sample Essay on Effects of the Bosnian War The Bosnian War, which was fought untilhad far-reaching effects locally and internationally.

From casualties to the international response, some of the effects changed the lives of. In this essay I will investigate and explain why the First World War started, how Britain became involved and why British soldiers had to fight in the war.

Everyone thinks the war started because archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Bosnia, but there is more to it. While it is true that ethnicity and ethnic diversity are both pervasive in the sphere of this conflict, this essay finds that the Bosnian Conflict cannot justly be labelled and viewed solely as an ethnic conflict.

"Bosnian War" Essays and Research Papers Bosnian War Genocide in Bosnia By the End of the Cold war the world had already seen the end of hundreds of wars and.

The first world war began in the year There are several factors believed to have triggered the war. The assassination of the Austrian archduke and his wife immediately triggered the war. He was assassinated by the Bosnian Gavrilo Princip an irredentist serb on 28th June The world war began on august the same year.

Essay on World War I and War. First World War; The Arms Race Or The Assassination Of Archduke Ferdinand In Sarajevo In ? The First World War was the product of years of tension and competition between the Great Powers. There were many separate disputes between the different countries.

However these disputes had not led to war.

Essay on bosnian war
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