Essay depot documents develop road safety culture india

Mandatory vehicle fitness checks for all vehicle owners. This is a very big problem which challenging the road safety. Also, drivers of good carriages should not allow more passengers than registered.

Enforcing the heavy vehicles to fix reflective tapes over them to be clearly visible during night time. Celebrity endorsements make the message even more effective. As this ratio is increasing rapidly, it is surveyed that there is one death every four minutes due to road accidents in our country.

To reduce primary and secondary accidents there is a need for a traffic incident management program which helps to reduce congestion and rescues the accident victims to nearest hospital promptly. There is no space to travel in public transports.

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Use the horn in prohibited areas like hospital zones, school zones, etc. Also, it should follow the height restrictions decided by the authorities.

Schools and colleges can also organize programmes to create awareness about road safety. When you keep sufficient distance, you will be able to avoid unnecessary hazards. To get the PDF version of this blog: The permanent driving license process is also made strict. Missing road signs such speed breakers, narrow roads, school ahead etc.

Now the candidate has to first pass a written exam about road signs and safety measures, traffic rules to get a learning license.

Media- media can play a very important role in creating road safety awareness through advertisements on safe driving use of seat belts and helmets, avoiding the use of cell phones and dangers of drunken driving etc.

Using technologies like GPS, drivers assist, cruise control, driverless cars, parking assistance can help to improve the driving experience and in turn reduce the road accidents.

So there is a dire need to improve the quality of the roads in India. Parents should educate their children and encourage them to obey the traffic rules.

There should be an enforcement of the use of seat belts in car and helmets on two wheelers. This happens many times in India, and because of poor infrastructure of roads, people lose their lives.

Today there are many ways of transportation by road, by air, by water, by rail etc. Every year, the number of vehicles on road goes on increasing; so does the importance of road safety.

Traffic Lights and Signs Always obey traffic signs, the instructions given by traffic officials or any other authorized person. Primary accidents cause backups and lead to secondary accidents.

People violate the traffic rules and bribe the traffic police to get away from the legal action. You can write the essay in story format also. Mandatory registration of criminal cases if the vehicle is overloaded. Mandatory annual fitness checks of the school buses as well as drivers.

Smart traffic management needs to be implemented in all the major cities of India. Strict implementation of the traffic rules- The defaulters should be fined heavily for breaking the rules.

Registration certificate of the vehicle c. A person should not exceed the speed limit which will help to avoid accidents and traffic jams. Vehicles play a major role in our lives. A person should learn proper driving before acquiring the driving license.

But somewhere they are forgetting that these are the main reasons that cause accidents. The rising population results in the lower supply of resources. There would be alarm beeps if car exceeds the speed of 80kmph and continuous alarm tone if it exceeds the speed of kmph.

30 Essential Road Safety Rules in India

Following are some remedial actions, solutions for road safety by which we can improve the road safety and reduce the number of accidents on roads. In other countries, it is mandatory to provide airbags in every car when you are manufacturing it but in India, a person needs to pay more money to get airbags safety facility in the car.

Ease of Getting a Driving License It is very easy to get a driving license in our country, which approves people who are not properly trained for driving. Remedial Actions for Road Safety in India Solutions for Road Accidents Road safety is the responsibility of everyone such as pedestrians, drivers, biker, and government.

First and foremost the citizens of the country."Road Safety For Kids" Essays and Research Papers. Road Safety For Kids. longs for. Road Safety Essay Firstly, I want to briefly explain what traffic collision is. It is commonly known as a car crash.

Road Safety Measures in India

Raod Safety. HOW TO DEVELOP ROAD SAFETY CULTURE Road safety is a major concern today as road accidents kill more than million people. Feb 16,  · The road safety rules are designed to suit the best interest of the Indian explains 30 Essential Road Safety Rules in India to learn and teach Free Quote +1 Here are 30 essential road safety rules to be followed in All the above documents should be produced on the demand of a police officer or any authorized /5(23).

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The time has come to go for the high-end road safety measures in India, IFROS with the mission in bringing awareness about the dangers of Road Traffic Crashes by practicing a new Road Safety culture among road users and to encourage and promote governments in development and maintenance of better, safer roads and road safety measures.

Home Essays Raod Safety. Raod Safety. Topics: Traffic HOW TO DEVELOP ROAD SAFETY CULTURE • Unsafe Vehicle Design: Vehicles designed for Indian roads are not up to the International Standards. Safety norms are not even close to international level. Even if some luxury cars have them, they run the pockets dry.

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Essay depot documents develop road safety culture india
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