Effect of socil media on nigerian

Reactions Join the conversation through disqus comments or via our forum. One discovers nowadays that, in the face of a disaster in which people are maimed, injured or killed.

This is evident in the attitude of our young men and women towards life. Many adolescents are influenced by the powerful advertising they see on social media sites, and it strongly influences their buying habits. Tweet Obviously it is amazing that with a click one passes information to thousands of people in a second.

Social networking provides an alternative way to get students interested in learning with a new and previously unconventional medium Rosen, Through these new advances in technology one can share things about themselves to the world to view, and prior to social media one would have to communicate and share physically.

However, in Nigeria, the abuse of social media appears to have taken another dimension. Social media provides them a variety of ways to go about making positive change.

They derive pleasure from fleecing people of their hard Effect of socil media on nigerian cash and in most cases ending up killing their victims. Many forms of cyberbullying is also a problem and can lead to the victims experiencing depression and anxiety.

It is bad enough that there are adolescents who are victims of negative comments by peers, but many are victimized by strangers as well.

Through the power of social media the October 6,lynching and setting on fire of four student of the University of Port Harcourt in Aluu, a suburb of Port Harcourt The Aluu four Cf. Although there are many positive aspects of social media, the negative effects on children and adolescents are also numerous.

As well as providing social support, social media sites can also provide medical support. According to Andres Kaplan, social media is a group of internet based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of wed and that allow the creation and exchange of user generated content Andreas Kaplan, The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media, You Tube as a participatory culture.

Click on any of the tabs below to select your desired option. Social media can affect the mental health of teens.

Social media has equally become an avenue to some immoral youth of sharing nude or sexual images. Many Nigerians including the rich and poor, educated and illiterate, young and old, Muslims and Christians now enjoy the services of the social media.

Not only is it an important part of socialization within peer groups but now it is used to market and motivate people to become a part of a larger community. Through it equally the sincere gravity of the extent of the September and October,Lokoja flood was known rather than the government propaganda about being on top of the situation.

This is very evident in the aftermath of the June Dana Airline crash in Iju-Ishaga, Lagos, when thousands of young people residing in the area rushed to the scene, instead of rescuing the people in the plane, began using their phones to take images of the dying plane crash victims.

This is the power of social media. Social media now appears to be a viable tool to be used by Technology Masturbators to release subconscious values, thoughts and desires into their conscious world.

These social media site offer adolescence new ways to access communication and entertainment and the long-term effects are still unknown.

The power of social media has contributed positively to the development of Nigeria youths and the Nigerian populace. Studies have shown that adolescents and even college students who are on Facebook too much have lower grades Rosen, The social media has equally provided the youth a medium to conduct fraudulent activities.

Fred Uwaifo, Aluu Four, in cnn. It has kept Nigerian youths more informed and up to date; it has opened up medium for job vacancy advert among youth, which has improved their unemployment situation, thereby pulling many out of the quicksand of poverty.

Against all odds however, there is more to social media than its abuse. A similar thing occurred when almost a hundred people were burnt to death after an oil tanker caught fire in Rivers State. Cyberbullying has also been the cause of many suicides in young people Kowalski, For this reason, it is imperative for parents to be more aware of this new media and what it offers both good and bad for our children.

It is undeniably changing the way one communicates and how one finds and shares information. Also, teens who use Facebook tend to be more narcissistic, antisocial, and aggrssive Rosen, The teen years can be a challenging time, and social networks can be places for teens to turn to for support and advice when going through challenging experiences Nielsen, Social media provides an avenue for them to stay connected with peers they have met through school, sports teams, church, etc Ito, It is not just an avenue for socializing; kids and adolescents can be creative, interact, and learn Chau, California Adolescent Health Collaborative.

There are many ways social media can be used by youth in a positive way.the signicance of social media in Nigerian politics. The removal of fuel subsidy by President Goodluck Jonathan in led to mass protests, which were organized via Twitter.

Occupy Nigeria The Social Media Landscape in Nigeria. 5 the who, the what, the know The Social Media. the effect of social media on voting behaviour in nigeria (a case study of selected voters in lagos) chapter one introduction. background of the study.

effect of socil media on Nigerian youths Essay Social Media are websites and applications for social networking.

The Effects of Social Media on Children

Students communicate with their friends, family and strangers on this social media. The Effects of Social Media on Children. The level of effect, according to research, seems to go up as teens’ use goes up.

Their level of contentment can decrease, and their likelihood of getting into trouble or being depressed can increase (Rideout, ).

Therefore, the social media has both the negative as well as positive effects on Nigerian students/youth. So far, it has very huge negative impact on all students. The Effect of Social Media on Youth Development In addition, the social media is gradually enabling Nigerian youth to more effectively put pressure on how Nigeria is governed as evidenced by the role it played in the long absence of the late Alhaji Musa Yar’Adua from office during his sick days, the January Occupy Nigeria protest.

Effect of socil media on nigerian
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