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You have to obey the referee. A child who has been hitting, bitingor throwing food, for example, should be told why the behavior is unacceptable and taken to a designated timeout area — a kitchen chair or bottom stair — for a minute or two to calm down longer timeouts are not effective for toddlers.

Remember to give a teenager some control over things. Here are some reasons why experts discourage spanking: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. One of the major obstacles to achieving these goals is inconsistency, which will confuse any child, regardless of developmental age.

In other words, discipline teaches a child to follow rules. Adolescents 13 years to 18 years Conflicts frequently ensue because the adolescent adheres increasingly to the peer group, challenges family values and rules, Child discpiline essay distances himself from the parents.

In general, it is more effective to anticipate and prevent undesirable behaviour than to punish it. They have only to do and die. Students have to keep silent in class-rooms. The most important rule of discipline is obedience. Instead of "Could you please put your shoes on?

You must not ask why or how.

Child discipline

Important Note of Caution: Spanking can physically harm children. All the members must obey the head of the family. If homework is incomplete, your child will go to school the next day without it and suffer the resulting bad grade. In applying consequences, these suggestions may be helpful: The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that physicians Child discpiline essay an anticipatory approach to discipline, including asking questions about techniques used in the home.

She would whine, scream, cry, lash out by physically hitting or kicking us and do anything she could to get out of it. The key to effective discipline is to understand who your child is, especially his temperamental style, and use your discipline to help him achieve his potential given those talents and tendencies.

The consistency should apply not only in the rules and actions of the primary caregiver, but in other adults who care for the child. For example, if a child deliberately breaks a toy, he or she no longer has that toy to play with. Acceptable means of discipline include withdrawal or delay of privileges, consequences and time-out.

Children should not fear their parent, but instead, should develop a respect for their parent and the rules and expectations of the household. However, occasionally, a parent may become so frustrated with the child that he or she needs a period of separation from the child.

Undesirable behaviours are best avoided through prevention and by building supportive structures that include clear, consistent rules 3.Want to know how to discipline your child? Well, punishment isn't the way.

Here's why punishment won't work and 3 strategies that will work.

Write a short Essay on Discipline - Essay for School Students

Child discpiline of the 's and 's do not work with the students of the 's. In addition, the teacher cannot rely on the strong support of the parents anymore.

Learn about discipline strategies, temper tantrums, anger management, setting limits, time outs, spanking children, and rewards.

Effective discipline for children

Find out everything you need to know about parenting. What is the best way to discipline my child? As a parent, one of your jobs to teach your child to behave. While this can take time, try not.

If traditional child discipline techniques are not working out for you, you owe it to yourself (and your kids!) to read this positive discipline guide. Short Essay on Discipline Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 17, By Vikash Pathak Discipline is the systematic way of training people to act according to code of behaviour or rules.

Child discpiline essay
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