Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones to youth

Clearly, the mobile phone is one of the phenomenal inventions of this age. You can search for places and directions for places that you are not familiar with, you can check out what your friends are up to on social media and you can even access your work PC remotely. It is cheap to buy. For one, people have stepped into oncoming traffic while staring at the screen of their phone.

In a family where every family member has a mobile phone and uses it every time they are together, it might cause breakdown of relationships and families. Security issues If someone taps in to your data they could steal your identity, pilfer your photos, and erase your contacts list.

With terrorist threats and school shootings turning into a sad reality, a cell phone can serve as a lifeline between you and your child. Do the Disadvantages Outweigh the Advantages?

Cost Considerations Although many cell phone service providers are offering cost-effective plans for families, you still have to be careful as there are many charges that you may be unaware of. It has actually ended up being practically difficult to stay clear of unwanted disruption.

Instant communication with nearly anyone anywhere in the world has dramatically increased the speed with which business is conducted. Have any un-listed points? Mobile phones have clearly made it easier to communicate. They also allow you to contact your child with ease.

Ever since they were first introduced in by Motorola, mobile phones have occasioned a significant amount of debate. Have you ever seen a group of friends at a restaurant, looking down at their phones instead of each other?

So what are the repercussions of constantly using these devices day in day out? Class Disruption A cell phone going off can be extremely disruptive in the middle of class, interrupting a lecture or breaking student concentration during a test. These devices are convenient to carry around and you can use them on the go as long as there is network coverage wherever you are.

Just pull out your phone. Convenience Factors Cell phones allow the convenience of your child being able to contact you easily without having to look for a pay phone and quarters. Want to find all the local movie times?

Getting snap happy Sophisticated cameras mean that you can take professional quality photos on your humble cell phone. We all remember Nokia Snake, but more recently people have got way more into challenging their brains with Sudoko or whiling away the time during a long commute with a game of Candy Crush Saga.

Individuals are always on their phones obtaining telephone calls, checking out their good friends on Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp, checking e-mails as well as paying attention to songs.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones Virtually every person has a cellphone these days. Your mobile keeps you informed. As a parent, you know your child best, so after weighing all the factors only you can decide what age is right for your child to have a cell phone.

This comes in handy in so many ways.

Essay on Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages

It have many names like, cell phone, mobile phone, smart phone or telephone. Students Applications There are a lot of learning applications for students in app store. Your child can also utilize her smart phone for helping with school work, by looking up information about school work online.

Social Interaction The ways people now interact with one another are dramatically different than in previous generations, and this fact is a direct result of the invention of the mobile phone.

For years, the debate regarding cell phones and their potential negative health effects has raged on.Research studies have also claimed that mobile phones have a negative impact on health of an individual.

If you are using mobile phone for long hours daily it might lead to serious health issues. Conclusion.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Allowing Cell Phones in School

These were the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. In the end, it all depends on our usage.

Mobile Phones: 10 Advantages and 10 Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones () Virtually every person has a cellphone these days. Anywhere you go, you’ll see individuals showing off. Advantages & Disadvantages of Allowing Cell Phones in School by Shea Laverty As cell phones become increasingly prevalent among both adults and youth, many schools face an important question of policy -- whether or not to ban the phones.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones By Youth. Advantage and Disadvantage of Increasing Mobile Phone Use Mobile phone is a good technology which is lacking from our lives. As the manager of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, I will discuss about the advantage and disadvantage of using mobile phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones (2016)

Countless benefits exist in having the ability to communicate at any time in almost any place. However, there are many disadvantages to mobile phones that often get overlooked or dismissed and are overshadowed by the impressive array of bells and whistles in each new device.

May 23,  · Disadvantages.

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Hinder Real Human Interaction; Our phones can do so much these days that some people have trouble tearing themselves away long enough to reconnect with the real world. You’ve likely seen them around town, on public transportation, and in stores with their eyes and fingers glued to their mobile Nick Tomasovic.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones to youth
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